Pokernator 3000 - Texas Holdem Odds Calculator
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So you stumbled upon the Pokernator 3000? What is this tool you may be asking yourself. Well, the Pokernator 3000 is one of the most advanced, free tools out there that will analyze your Texas Holdem poker hand. What's Texas Holdem? Go away, I'm not telling you. And please send me your IP so I can ban you. This tool will help online players and card room players alike. Just plug your hand into the Pokernator 3000 and it will tell you a myriad of information about your hand.

It will tell you your current odds of winning the game. The Pokernator 3000 compares your specific hand against all other possible 2-card Holdem Hands. It then tells you the percentage of the hands you can beat, tie, and lose against. Just took a bad beat at the card room? Well plug your hand into the Pokernator 3000. If the hand you lost on had a percentage of 90% or higher in the "Hands beaten" catagory... don't get too down on yourself. Its almost impossible to fold a hand that has winning odds above 90%. The online player can also appreciate the current odds analyzer. Made it to the river and you're not sure if you should go allin? Plug it in. When the percentage of hands you can lose to is below 3%... you basically have a lock. Not the nuts however, but your chances of winning are close to guaranteed.

The Pokernator 3000 will also tell you your future odds at making a specified hand by a specified point in the game. Just pulled big slick (Ace and King)? Well... look at the future chances analyzer. You have a 48.74% chance to pull an Ace or King by the time the last card falls. Makes your opponent's pocket pair seem alittle weaker doesn't it? Holy crap! You just flopped a Nine and Six of hearts around your pocket Seven and Eight of hearts. Let's see what the chances are on making a hand out of this. You have a 17.02% chance of hitting that straight on the turn, a 19.15% of hitting that flush on the turn, and a 4.26% chance of making that straight flush on the turn! And thats just on the next card! Look at the "river" column for your overall percentages of making that hand.

All that being said, I hope you enjoy my pokernator. Many others have.