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The Game

The game is Texas Holdem. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, is the way to play poker. Its quite simple. You are dealt two cards. Five more cards come out on the board, you make your best five card hand. I know its a terrible explaination... but, I'm lazy.

The Pokernator - Instructions

The Pokernator is a pretty straight forward application. You are asked to enter your pocket... two cards, no more no less. Once this is done you enter the flop (3 cards), then the turn (1 card), then the river (1 card). Once the hand is finished, you must reset your hand. There's also an option for you online players with bad vision. You can check the "Four color deck" option to help you distinguish between suits better. Spades are black, hearts are red, diamonds are blue, and clubs are green. That's really all there is to using the Pokernator.

The Pokernator - Current Chance of Winning Table

This is a great table. How this basically works is that it takes your hand and removes your cards from a standard 52 card deck. All other possible holdem hands are then generated from this deck (none of these hands contain your cards or board cards of course). You are then given the percentage of all these other holdem hands that you can beat, you can tie, and you can lose to. An example... you have Ace and ten in your hand. Before the flop you can beat 90.45% of every holdem hand. All this means is that you would have a 90.45% chance of winning if you had to win with only the two cards in your hand... no board cards. That's why its called current chance of winning... it doesn't take into consideration future chances of making a better hand. So needless to say, this table is useless before the flop. Getting back to the example... you have AT (Ace, Ten) and the flop comes TT9. The current chances chart states that you have 99.17% of every hand beaten. You tie 0.28% of the hands (thats the other AT), and you lose to 0.56% of the hands (T9 and 99). So you've got a good hand, but it can still be beaten. So always be careful.

You can also mouse-over the text on "Hands beaten", "Hands tied", and "Hands lost to". A pop up box will appear. This box tells you the number of the specified hands that you've beaten, tied, or lost to. Thus, if you mouse-over the "Hands beaten" text and look at the numbers next to "Three of a kind" and it says 3/6. This means that out of the 6 other possible hands that have three of a kind, your had beats three of them. An example of this is you have pocket sevens and the flop comes H9D7D5 (9 of hearts, 7 of diamonds, and 5 of diamonds). The other 6 possible hands with three of a kind are S9D9, S9C9, D9C9, S5H5, S5C5, and H5C5. The 3 of the six hands you beat are the hands with pocket 5s. Its that simple. You can also use this feature to verify if a straight is out there. Just mouse-over the "Hands lost to" text and if the second number next to "Straight:" isn't 0... then a straight is out there.

The Pokernator - Future chances table

An equally excellent table. This table tells you the possible hand you can get (the left-most column) by the specified point in the hand (top-most row). It's simple, if you have AK in the pocket and you flopped AK9. You have a 8.51% chance of catching another ace or king on the turn (next card) and a 16.47% chance of catching and ace or king by the time the last card falls (the river). There are a couple specified hands that are confusing... flush chance and open straight. These odds are only available preflop. The flush chance odds tell you your chance of getting at least (the flush chance odds include getting a flush) a 4-flush (you need one more card to make your flush). The reason why the river column is N/A for this is... who cares?! I don't care if I have a 4-flush when the hand is over... its useless. The open straight odd tells you your chances of getting at least an open ended straight. That is, there are two cards of different rank that can make your straight. I.E. you have 67, you have a 10.29% of getting 45, 58, 89, 48T, 345, 458, 589, or 89T off the flop (all these combinations give either an open straight or a straight). The river column for this is N/A as well because open-ended straights don't win pots.