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August 6, 2004

The open straight statistic has returned. I can confidently say it is dead on. You'll notice that I got rid of the chance to hit an open straight or flush chance on the turn. I think that was a pretty useless stat.

I also have a pretty cool idea for the next feature of the pokernator. I'll have an "outs counter" that will tell you how many outs you have and your chance of hitting an out. You might be wondering how I'm going to figure what an out might be for you. The answer? I won't. You'll have the option to select what you need for a winning hand. Say the flop comes 9cTc2d and you're holding JcKc. You think someone's betting on their T holding up. So you pairing up any one of your cards, making a flush, or making the inside straight would give you a winning hand. Thus, you would have 18 outs. But if you think someone has made two pair... that leaves you to only 12 outs. So its mostly up to you to figure out what hand will win. I'll just tell you your chances of hitting it.

May 13, 2004

Straights are now correct, I got rid of the open straight statistic. It will return once I come up with a better algorithm for it.

May 5, 2004

I tooled around with PokiBot quite a bit today. I gotta say, it provides me with some pretty sweet tools to make poker AI. But as far as the pokernator is concerned, I don't think it will be of much help. Right now I want to concentrate on perfecting the open straight algorithm, its off. Another algorithm i need to perfect is the chance of hitting a running straight, as of now it says the chance of getting a straight is 0% when its quite possible two running cards would make the straight.

Also, Empire Poker got in touch with me and made me an offer. So I demand all of you click on the above banner and register an account. Or go to Empire and use the key word EUROP171 for an extra 20% on your first deposit. Thats right folks, I sell out faster than wine at a Hellmuth family reunion. Yeah... thats all i got :(

April 12, 2004

I have found PokiBot, the most advanced, open source poker AI out there. I have the code and I'm working with it. Soon the pokernator will feature the ability to enter the number of players and specifically tell you whether to go in on a hand or not. It will be nasty folks.

April 6, 2004

Okay, listen to this. You know how the current chances chart compares your hand against all other possible holdem hands and gives you your chances of winning? Well, what would you think if I created a second chart thats compares it against all other playable holdem hands. I.E. only high cards, suited connecters, pocket pairs, etc. Let's take it a step further. The program will ask you how much the pot was raised preflop, then compares your hand only against relevant hands. For example, if the pot wasn't raised preflop... its very unlikely someone has pocket rockets. So the hands your hand is compared to would exclude such monsters as pocket kings, pocket aces, big slick in an unraised pot. Conversely, in a pot that was raised a huge amount... someone isn't going to hold onto 54 suited. So those piddly hands would be removed from the pool of hands to compare to your hand.

I think this idea has amazing potential. Its just a matter of deciding on what hands are in which grouping. There will be 4 levels of preflop raise... high, medium, low, and none. Of course pocket rockets would be in high, suited connectors would be in medium to none. Those are easy... but what about toughies like Q8 offsuit... probably in low to none. I'm gonna draft this and put it up for criticism.

UPDATE: Here's the list. Please discuss.

April 4, 2004

The Pokernator 3000 had a huge bug in her. When two people entered hands at the same time, the information would get mixed up between them . A total code rewrite was done, but I'm still not all that confident. If you get incorrect statistics on your hand (i.e. it says your "Best Hand" is not what it actually is) or if you get an error page let me know. Please Email me the exception page and you'll be doing me a huge favor.

April 3, 2004

New functionality in the Pokernator 3000. Mouse over on the "Hands beaten", "Hands tied", and "Hands lost to" in the current chances of winning table. It will give you a count of the specified hands that you've beaten, tied, or lost to.

For example, you have HAHT (ace and ten of hearts) in the pocket and the flop comes CTDTD9 (ten of clubs, ten of diamonds, and 9 of diamonds). Mouse over the "hands lost to" text and it will tell you there is 6/6 full houses you lost to (you've lost to all 6 of the 6 possible full houses on the board). These full houses are the T9 and 99 in the pocket, 6 because you have STS9, STH9, STC9, S9H9, S9C9, H9C9. I hope that made sense.

As always please send suggestions for the pokernator to me.

April 1, 2004

Welcome all to This is the home of the Pokernator 3000. The Pokernator 3000 is a free web-based tool writen in Java. This tool analyzes Texas Holdem hands. Gives you probabilities about winning a given hand or the chances of making a better hand. For a brief rundown of it go to the about page.

As you can see, the page isn't too flashy. I'm just a programmer, not a webpage designer with any sense of what looks good. Hopefully I'll give this page alittle makeover in the future. But for now I just want to improve the Pokernator 3000. Fine tune the probabilities and maybe add some more features.

Another thing you'll notice is that we do have a forum. I hope to have many a discussion about the intricacies of poker. But also, there's a couple sections about home games. My friends and I are big into (legal) home games. Feel free to use these sections to meet up with people and take their money. Keep in mind however... I'll ban your ass if its not a legal home game with huge stakes (different for each state). I have to make sure I don't do anything illegal so doesn't kill my account.

Enjoy my site, I'm sure you'll see many changes to it in the near future.